Mergers and Acquisitions

The solitary purpose behind a merger or acquisition is to create shareholder value that is greater than the value of the sum of the two separate companies.

Companies benefit from synergistic mergers through:

  • acquisition of new people, know-how and technology
  • generating greater economies of scale
  • improvement of market reach and visibility.

There are several structures that can help companies achieve the required results. Our participation helps management prepare for the merger or acquisition, establish strategic, financial and operating guidelines for M&A activities, and create a team for evaluation, due diligence, active search and negotiations.

Having Granite Creek work on your M&A activities generates numerous benefits:

  1. It guarantees confidentiality through our active search process.
  2. It results in business transactions that ensure you meet your business goals.
  3. Our work includes spin-offs and carve-outs of non-core assets for your large corporation.
  4. It strengthens your balance sheet.
  5. It allows your management team to focus on priority business.