Business Planning

Having worked with start-ups through to large multi-billion dollar enterprises, we believe in letting the numbers tell the story. By the time we get involved, the vision, the passion and the drive have usually been well established by you. If your strategic plan is in its infancy, we can help you solidify this core direction-setting process.

We take your planning to the next level by mapping out key money-driven business processes. We help you focus on how you achieve sales and sales growth, what drives your fixed and variable cost base, your staffing plan, overhead and your financial objectives. We take a close look at capital structure and make strategic recommendations based on your future goals and the exit you hope to provide to shareholders.

We help you tell your story in a clean and organized way that excites investors. Our work gives management a key document by which to measure their success and performance.

Medium and small businesses have their own distinctive character when business pressures mount. Granite Creek is particularly well versed in helping companies flush out strategies to deal with emerging market opportunities and distress. The Company periodically undertakes longer term engagements to help management navigate through difficult decisions, policy change and business transformations to emerge as a stronger competitive contender.