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Photograph From Jeremy Grantham to New York Times Magazine

For the past several years we’ve been looking at various “environmental” business opportunities. The investment world seems to be divided now into two camps – those that believe that carbon is bad; and those that think the carbon problem is a hoax. For the later group, a friend of mine has a great response: “Would you like to make money on the efforts of the believers?”

I recently read an excellent article in the August 11, 2011 issue of the New York Times Magazine about Jeremy Grantham. Mr. Grantham’s reputation preceeds him in many ways, but he is noted as having the uncanny ability to predict major changes in the market. A self proclaimed environmentalist, Mr. Grantham reported his views on the next 10-50 years of business opportunities. Rather than stating he is pursuing the “environmental” business, I took the article to mean he is investing in two areas: commodities that will come in short supply over the next 10-50 years (as our global population approaches 10 billion); and in alternatives to these commodities that reduce the pressure of scarcity and higher prices. Out of this later group emerges the environmental business opportunity. Thank you Mr. Grantham.



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