• Collaboration

    Developing practical strategy:  evaluate, collaborate, plan, and deliver

  • Energy and Renewal

    Business revitalization:   financial analysis,   due diligence,   planning and capitalization

    Energy and Renewal

Granite Creek Capital is a private equity services firm specializing in due diligence, planning for emerging or distressed small and medium-sized businesses, mergers and acquisitions, and recapitalization. Granite Creek represents investors seeking more information about private equity opportunities and shareholders and management of existing privately held firms. It uses financial and business analysis models with proven success and specializes in developing strategies to recapitalize businesses.



What’s holding you back from success?

What’s holding you back from success?

I recently came across this link to a very compelling speech by Brene Brown from the TED website (http://www.ted.c...

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In today’s rapidly changing environment, knowledge can give you the edge in making sound financial and operational decisions [ … more ]

Due Diligence

Granite Creek provides due diligence services to private investors, venture capitalists and businesses engaged in mergers or acquisitions [ … more ]


Interested in unique ways to recapitalize your business or drive product sales? Let the professionals at Granite Creek help you establish a professional program using leasing and other financial tools. [ … more ]


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